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Hi, I’m Melinda Gene, welcome to my best chef knife site. I have compile most of the information that I know about chef knife into this website, and I hope it will help you to find your best chef knives by reading few guides and recommendation in this best chef knife website. It is definitely not easy to pick the best of the best from all the kitchen knives brand names such as Shun, Global, Wusthof, Misono, Cutco and etc. Anyway, I finally manage to minimize the list into here.

Best Chef Knife

Chef Knife is the knife you that use most often in your kitchen knives set. Best chef knives can last a lifetime, my suggestion is get a best chef knife that best suit your need but you might also need to look into your budget.

I love cooking food, that’s why having a good chef knives is important for me. I believe a great chef knife can change my life! It’s makes slicing food so much easier and quicker; its makes the food so much prettier and so much care in the creation process; Well, that’s me:)

Top quality kitchen knives brand such as Global cutlery, Wusthof chef knife, Shun classic chef knives, Misono chef knife, Cutco chef knife and Sabatier chef knife are among my favorite. The important things to find out here is how to pick the best chef knife that best suit your need.

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Chef Knife

Knife Sharpener

Keeping knives sharp require knife sharpener and know the method of knife sharpen. There are 3 ways to sharpen a knife – honing with whetstone, a grinder and a steel.

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Cutting Board

Another good tip about how to keep the knives sharp is using good chopping blocks. Besides that, to keep them in the special drawer and knife block will help too.

The chopping block you use will affect the sharpness of the knife. The best surface on which cutting can be done is wood chopping clock.

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Even though this site is all about chef knife, then are things you need to know about other knives and some of the principal to pick and use the kitchen knives is almost the same.

  • Slicer
  • Cheese Knife
  • Steak Knife

Anyway, I have write some best kitchen knives tips over here, check it out if like to know more about kitchen knives.


Kitchen, Cutlery, Food and Cooking is the entire main topic that I’m interested in my daily life. I will put what I read, hear, and learn in this category.

Well, let do some cooking, learn how to take care of our family and people we love.


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