Bread Knives – What Your Favorite Bread Knives?

I don’t have any particular favorite bread knives. But I love to eat bread, the bread knife I have is one of the cheapest in the market and it’s come with my first knives set.

Anyway, I buy bread a lot and I can tell you that I would love to bake BREAD someday, but I still haven’t have a good cookbook or recipe on how to make a bread. Well, I will share how to bake bread with you someday, if i get around to it.

If you like, you can share with me what is your favorites bread knives by leaving your comments here. We love to find out what is the best and worst bread knives out there in the market:)

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Buy Forschner Chef Knife – The Review

Forschner Chef Knife 8 ” inch

best budget chef knife

This is the best budget chef knife you can get, it’s stamped, but it’s have very high quality!
This is what people said in Amazon:

My Dad asked for this for Christmas based on “Cook’s Illustrated” giving it their top rating. It’s such a great knife it goes way beyond chopping veggies–he even carved an 8 lb. standing rib roast with it! I found Amazon has the best price for this item, too.

This Forschner chef knife is one of the best budget chef knife rated in cook illustrated, I think it’s definitely deserve the title for it’s price and value.

This is the cheapest knife in my kitchen, but it is also the best. It’s solid, has a good grip, stays sharp and cuts cleanly. It’s not fancy or even sleek looking, it’s downright utilitarian, but it performs better than my Henckel, Chicago Cutlery or Calphalon knives.

This is a perfect knife that you can give away to your fellow chef, mother and friends. Best buy for you own use if you have tight budget too:)

At this writing, amazon have some amazing sale for this knife, click here to find out more information. I strongly suggest you to get one before the discount sales is gone.
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Buy Wusthof Classic Chef Knife – The Review

Wusthof Classic 8″ inch Chef Knife

chef knife $100

A lot of people are familiar with Wusthof, this the Wusthof knives brand that guarantee top quality forged knife.

Wusthof have couple of chef knife product line and Wusthof Classic is top of it’s class in the forged knives category and this germen knife company sure know how to create good forged knives:)

Personally, I think the Wusthof Classic is one of the best knife you can get. The only problem I have with this knife is the edge retention and my personal feel of it. But it’s won the consumer report for best chef knife and come with the price range of $100, I guess it’s the king of it’s class. It’s indeed a great buy!

Get Wusthof Classic Chef Knife Now!

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Buy Misono UX 10 Chef Knife – The Review

Misono UX-10 8’25 inch Chef Knife

best chef knife $160

Even though, you can’t get this Misono chef knife in Amazon and read those helpful amazon review, but this chef knife is the ULTIMATE knife. The only bad things is … it’s really expensive. My husband will kill me if he found out about how much I pay for this knife, so if budget is really NOT your concern, then Shun will be great buy for you.

Or get a stamped Forschner Chef Knife, which is very affordable and the best stamped chef knives you can get!

Misono is truly design for professional chef, won the Kiplinger “Best Of Everything” and don’t let the look fool you. It’s A Masterpiece!

Click here to get this ultimate chef knife today!

Buy Shun Classic Chef Knife – The Review

Shun Classic Chef Knife 8″ inch

Best Chef Knife $120

I love this knife, if you like to know what other people say about Shun Classic in Amazon, you will be SHOCK and HAPPY that you read this review:

After reading all the customer reviews I settled on this one, and so glad I did!

I can really related to this person when I start to cook more often:

shun makes the best knives i have ever used. i use mine for 10 hours a day. at work all day slicing and dicing as well as at home.out of the box it is very sharp and with a little love every so often with a honing steel you are good to go. i would never even think about purchasing another knife in this lifetime!

This guys tell the best story about why Shun is more superior

I was in the market for a good chef’s knife and after doing a bunch of research I narrowed it down to the Global 8 in chef and this Shun classic 8 in. So I brought with me celery, carrots, and onions to a william and sonoma and did a serious amount of cutting…here is what I personally found (keyword being personally you really cant buy a knife on reviews alone you MUST try it out first)

Celery: Both knifes went through this so easily that I couldn’t even make a comparison

Carrots: With the global I was able to cut faster but it felt less secure because of the of the light weight. The shun was excellent, slicing through the carrots with a perfect weight and rhythm that I wasn’t able to get with the global

Onion: This is where the Shun knife shined. The lack of weight on the global and the somewhat narrow handle made the onion haphazard and unsafe feeling for me. I found I had to constantly start and stop with the global knife. With the shun it was a constant effortless motion. It easily and accurately sliced and diced the onion.

After having the knife for a few weeks now, I can safely say I have been able to cut everything with ease. I was worried that the global might be better, but for me at least, the shun was easily superior.

Amazon have fantastic discount on Shun Class Chef Knife.

Get Shun Classic Chef Knife Now!

The Best Cutting Board

As you know the cutting board will affect the knives sharpness and maintenance, now the the question will be what are the best chopping board to have?

The Best Knife Block

Well, it’s depend on the use of the board. The best surface knife block on which cutting can be done is wood chopping board.

There are also plastic boards, which are sanitary and kind on knives, but are not easthetic. Overall, the best knife block is making of wood. But make sure you know how to clean them:)

For some top cook or rigorous Japanese cook, they will have the three boards – for fish, for vegetables, and other.

Besides that, cutting boards should be as large as possible. Boards without legs allow you to use both sides which is more convenience.

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How To Sharpen A Knife?

I guess a lot of people will ask how to sharpen a knife. You can buy those throw able cheap knife too. But I don’t like to use crappy throw able knife, so I guess my favor chef knife is stainless steel forged knife.Anyway, stainless steel knife is a bit hard to sharpen compare to carbon knife. Well, that’s another story.

How To Sharpen A Knife?

There are 3 main ways to sharpen a knife.

  • Honing with whetstone
  • Honing with a grinder
  • Sharpen With a Sharpening Steel.

I have write couple of articles about how to sharpen a bit and what knife should use what things to sharpen. To make things easy for you, you can use sharpening steel to sharpen all the knife except those Japanese knife and throw away knife.
How To Sharpen A Kitchen Knives Using Sharpening Steel?

I have already wrote this, you can check out my articles over here.