Chef Knife Quick Guide

To a chef, there is nothing more important than his knife and of course his chef knife. It is not only an extension of his hands, it is an extension of his very personality and professional productivity. The knife is a chef’s paintbrush if he is a painter:)

7 Things You Want To Know About Your Best Chef Knifes

Is it Forged or Stamped knife?
This are the knife making process that will affect quality of knife balance, the craftsmanship and the price. I have write a more comprehensive Forged or Stamped knife guide here, check it out if you like to know more about the different between forged and stamped knife.

The Knife Material

There are different kind of knives materials in the market. But basically, the main 4 types of knife material can be – carbon steel, stainless steel, laminated and ceramic.

Of course, some knife manufacturer label their knife with different technical name for different material composition, but mainly for consumer like us, we just need to know this 4 types to make our purchase easy. Well, this material will affect the corrosion resistance, wash ability, sharpness, cutting edge retention and chemical reaction. Some people wrote a whole book on this topic, but I really don’t want to get too much detail into it here. To find some quick guide about the 4 type of knife materials, their advantage and how to pick your best chef knife, click here to find out more : Knife Material Guide.


Whether it’s the wood, plastic, composite or stainless steel, the handle material and design will affect how comfortable and safety of the chef knife. Stay tune when we write more detail guide about better handle design


Size does matter here – 8′-10′ inch chef knife is the best.

Edge – How sharped and the fine the ground surface

Grind and the design of the edge, this is where all the new knife technology make us confuse in this area. A lot of them claim that different edge design have a better advantage of cutting which is true. Unless you are truly a knife geeks, if not, not many people will know the different between Hollow Ground edge and Granton edges. Anyway, when you get to the knife detail information page, they will tell you why their edge design is better, and this information sometime for me is making little impact on why I buy those chef knife. We will try to write a short version guide for this topic later on.

And of course, how much

This is usually my one of my main factor to choose a chef knife, there are too many great knife out there, paying good price for great chef knife is important here.

And other thing that come with this knife:)

does it come with the any guarantee or warranty from this brand? any knife sharpener? any cutting boards that best suit the knife?

Well, you have it, once you know this quick facts, you are definitely in the 5% of people who know your chef knife:)