Buy Forschner Chef Knife – The Review

Forschner Chef Knife 8 ” inch

best budget chef knife

This is the best budget chef knife you can get, it’s stamped, but it’s have very high quality!
This is what people said in Amazon:

My Dad asked for this for Christmas based on “Cook’s Illustrated” giving it their top rating. It’s such a great knife it goes way beyond chopping veggies–he even carved an 8 lb. standing rib roast with it! I found Amazon has the best price for this item, too.

This Forschner chef knife is one of the best budget chef knife rated in cook illustrated, I think it’s definitely deserve the title for it’s price and value.

This is the cheapest knife in my kitchen, but it is also the best. It’s solid, has a good grip, stays sharp and cuts cleanly. It’s not fancy or even sleek looking, it’s downright utilitarian, but it performs better than my Henckel, Chicago Cutlery or Calphalon knives.

This is a perfect knife that you can give away to your fellow chef, mother and friends. Best buy for you own use if you have tight budget too:)

At this writing, amazon have some amazing sale for this knife, click here to find out more information. I strongly suggest you to get one before the discount sales is gone.
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