Best Chef Knives

What really make a best chef knives?

I prefer to use 8′-10′ chef knife, well balance, solid feel, extremely sharp, edge well, easy to maintain and of course don’t cost too much too.

Here I will list down the best chef knives base on the price rage:

Currently, I have review a lot of chef knives, this chef knives are just AMAZING!!!

Forged Best Chef Knife

  1. Shun Classic Chef Knife 8″ inch
  2. Misono UX 10 Chef Knife 8.25″inch
  3. Wusthof Classic Chef Knife 8″ inch

Stamped Best Chef Knife – Best Budget Chef Knife

What Do I think?

Personally, I love my Shun and Misono, if you have the budget, go get one yourself! This will be the money well worth spend. After holding those best chef knives, I cook more and I cook more often, it’s really a joy to cut, slice and do whatever with my Shun Classic and Minsono.

Wusthof Classic 8″ inch chef knife is the best chef knife voted in the consumer report, it’s great alright, but boy, after you try to use Shun and Misono, I don’t think you will ever want to hold an ordinary chef knife again:)