This Site Will Be All About Chef Knives

A Blog About Chef Knives ( You must be kidding me )

Nope, after having a popular blog about kitchen knives, I decide to put some of my tips about Chef Knives in this blog here.

A Bit Intro About Chef Knives

In cooking, chef knife can be refer as cooking knives or French knives.

Chef Knives

One chef knife is totally DIFFERENT and superb is Chinese Chef Knives, it’s a totally different kind of knives, of course it’s also a bit strange to use, but it’s extremely productive for certain cutting activity once you master the trick. Anyway, I’m not going to cover much about this Chinese Chef Knives here.

Here are a Chinese Chef Knife picture

Chinese Chef Knives

We people talk about chef knives, they are refer as French knives here:)


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