Forged Or Stamped Knife Simple Guide

Forged Knife:

Forged knives are the best quality. It’s made from a single block of steel and usually through hammer and handmake. The blade and the tang which attaches the blade to the handle are all in one piece. The hands made process are through a process of extreme heat and hand moulding. Each forged knife is carefully and hand crafted with extreme detail. The tang of the knife merges into the handle and is typically secured by three rivets.

Stamped Knife:

Stamped knives are machine cut from a continuous strip of stainless steel. This are made from templated cutters that cut the shape of the knives into flat metal.
This process makes the knife more economical to produce and buy. They are not as strong or durable as fully forged knives but offer good quality and value for money.
Stamped knives are lighter but don’t have the same quality and balance as the forged knives do. Due to the lack of density, the stamped knives don’t hold edges as well as the forged knives too. Stamped knives are usually less expensive.

What We Take Home From Here

This is just a generic classification, in the process of making knives, there are still a lot of knife making technology that make, but now you know why Forged knife is more expensive then stamped knife and definitely Forged have the best quality.